Friday, April 5, 2013

Thinking About Kara.

It is spring time and that means in the teaching world, STATE TESTING. As the students do their best to show what they know and teachers hope that they have done their best during the school year so thoughts go from all the politics of the issue to 1999. It was April of 1999 when we lost Kara Kavanaugh, a student in my fifth grade just the weekend before testing was to begin.  She was hit by a car selling Girl Scout cookies as she crossed a highway. The car had run a red light and even though Kara and Molly were wearing helmets, it didn't help. She passed away. I recall how hard it was to concentrate not just for the students but for us, the teachers. I recall how hard it was for Molly. We called the state to see if we could hold off, but we were told no. I understand that. But it was hard. The mood was somber, the actions mechanical the point was lost on them, but we encouraged them to think about Kara and to do their best for themselves and as an act of honor toward Kara. Today I am thinking about Kara. I know she loved Jesus. I know her body is restored and made perfect. God bless you Kara.