Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Thoughts On A Quote

I saw this quote the other day and loved it instantly. There are many schools that are struggling out there due to finances and test score data being linked together. Just last week, Chicago closed over 40 schools.

When schools close, when schools struggle, what are we saying to the students?   It has been known for years that one reason some schools struggle is because their students come from a lower economic background and not enough money comes in from the city, county, state to help bring change.

What if failing schools or struggling schools isn't because of the children? What if we recognized that failing and struggling schools is because of greedy adults playing games with  money?

See, I come from a mindset where I believe that all children can learn. Unfortunately they also come to school with hard knocks, baggage, and unmet needs. I believe that the first thing we need to do as teachers is meet the needs. Be the hands and feet of Jesus and meet their needs right where they are...and then once those needs are met, then we can teach.

Build trust. Then teach. Not teach then build trust! You will loose students! See, society has failed our struggling students. They are not throw aways, they are children made by God for a purpose. Just because you have lost your way does not give you the right to stand in mine as I work hard to meet the needs of my students.

Like A***.and her hair. She always comes in to see me to get it done. Hairbrush. Pony tail holders, binders, pins, headbands. Precious girl. First I'll do her hair for her, then I will teach her and in that order.  We keep our conversation light and fun. It is early morning, and the chances I have been to the office to get my coffee are slim, so as I brush her hair, I silently pray for her. Sweet girl. A struggling student in school's eyes. A gem in God's eyes.

I want to see students how God sees them. That is my goal.