Saturday, July 20, 2013

Experience EdcampHome

There is a word we Minnesotans like to say a lot (dontchaknow) which is UFFDA! It means sensory overload among other things like exhaustion!

Uffda describes experiencing edcampHome today!

It was a glorious day of amazing PD provided for us in a revolutionary manner!

From my Facebook feed you would find this.  Yes, I was just a bit excited! Ok, very excited. After hearing of all these stories of edcamp experiences I was glad to be able to participate in one! This one! This one was everything that edcamps are known for, their organic learning..but this one was all techy and this one was GLOBAL.  It was groundbreaking awesomeness.

I was marveled at how the organizers of this, David Theriault, Karl Lindgren-Streicher, Kelly Kermode, Shawn White showed us all in real time what collaboration looks like at the highest level!  I kept their feed on live at the beginning and at various times throughout so that I could know what to do and when.

I am full of admiration for them! I am sure it was not easy! Great things require lots of work. They did work hard with websites, getting the word out, logistics...etc.

And then the day came! Today!

It was a fantastic wonderfully organized day!
With tweets flying by so fast.

I liked how we all rally together at times like this. Educators are an excellent brotherhood to belong to. We authentically celebrate the process of learning. No one question is a bad question. Everyone is here to push each other forward so that we can be the best educator out there in our professions, all for the sake of the students that we have.

Was I scared to jump in, this being my first edcamp and for pete's sake, having it be all techy? Was I ready for the big show? Did I have big enough ear-gear? Yes, it was very scary. I think if many of us were honest we would say, that it was a big techy fear factor. But we did it together.

I liked what my friend  @joykirr tweeted out:

It is a quote from @AngelaMaiers

"When you feel discomfort, start telling yourself this:

  • I am learning.
  • I am stretching myself.
  • My brain is getting smarter.
  • This is soooo good for me.
  • Growth cannot happen without discomfort.
  • My brain gets stronger every time I challenge it."

Isn't that beautiful? That should be in every classroom! You can not move forward and stay in status quo and if you choose to stay in status quo, you will not see change.

This has been an intensive summer of learning. What I have learned in the past four months of Twitter PLN and everything that has happened because of it, surpasses everything I ever learned in 20 years of teaching. I am glad I was able to witness this today.

If you follow this link, it will lead you to a collection of GHOs today...for your own at home learning pleasure!  So go and grab your favorite drink and snack and settle in for some #eduawesmomness!