Saturday, July 20, 2013


What if Hellen Keller had not had a teacher who believed that she mattered? Where would we be today?

As we all know, the tragedy of her 19th month could have left her in the "dark" in more ways then one were it not for parents who cared  so much so about giving her a chance that they sought out Alexander Graham Bell in Washington D.C.  He was an activist in deaf education. At that time, Mr. Bell recommended to them the Perkins School for the Blind in Boston. At that school, there was a recent graduate of the school, Anne Sullivan, was met and offered the position of tutor. In March, 1887, Anne to live with the Kellers. 

The rest is as they always say is "history."

Helen spent a life in helping others.

She was invited to be a spokesperson for the AFB organization for which she traveled a great deal by giving speeches and raising funds for those who are also blind.

Now, an organization known as Helen Keller International is also a non-profit organization that is dedicated to preventing blindness and reducing malnutrition. Just as Hellen Keller traveled world wide, they work worldwide as they are good soldiers in the fight of  the root causes and consequences of blindness.  They also work on malnutrition issues and seek to establish affordable health care. 

These words of Helen Keller, are beautiful. They fit in with my profession as well as my core believes about my role in the world.  

“The welfare of each is bound up in the welfare of all.”

But all this was because she had a teacher who told her YOU MATTER. 

Be that teacher! You can change the course of history with believing those two simple words for every student in your classroom.  Touch their heart. Touch their mind

Below is rare footage of the elaborate way that Anne Sullivan taught so that her student could learn. Friends, it is just so beautiful!