Monday, May 9, 2016

Everyone Needs A Fishing Buddy 
I love to fish. I don't mind going alone, I also love going with people. I use a pole, but my favorite teacher (Jesus) and the one I learned the best from used a net. Not only did he use a net, he recommended that everyone had a buddy.  Who's your buddy? Who is your accountability partner? Who's got your back? Developing an accountability group and a buddy system with your coworkers (a small select group) will make your work day much more enjoyable and much more effective. 

I have been able to co-teach throughout my career as well as do great deal of MAG (multi-age grouping). I am thankful for the chance to use those opportunities as an accountability partnership, as a buddy in my profession. Accountability is very important.   In order to work closely I have to be very candid and flexible.  

I want to make sure that I am understanding the great commission as it relates to my profession. In scripture Jesus said, "Go into the world. Go everywhere and announce the Message of God’s good news to one and all." Mark 16:15.  In my profession as a public school teacher I can't just GO and well, preach.  Here is what I can do and here are the areas in which I need accountability.

  • I can work hard to develop school-parent and student partnerships. 
  • I can create a culture with the students (and co-workers) where all are accepted just as they are with their unique talents and passions that they bring to the table.
  • I can believe that hope and acceptance of each student will lead to great learning and believe that our school is tailored fit just for them. 

Why just three? Well, because as the going gets tough (and it will), when the soft gentle winds that start out the school year turn into hurricanes throughout the year, I want to have these three things be what I go back to. When you have a fishing buddy, you will find encouragement when you can't tell the head from the tail. A fishing buddy will keep you sharp. 

It fits in with my mission statement just fine as well.

If I wanted to just focus in on one student, I could use a fishing pole, but we believe that each of these students belong to the collective group of "US" and therefore, I need a net. I can't hold the big net by myself. That is why I need a buddy. We will work together and "catch fish." 

So make sure you find a fishing buddy! You can't do it alone and you were not meant to.