Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Repost from a teacher: I Am A Teacher

I am a teacher. 

I went to college, got a four year degree. Was required to go back to college and get a Master's Degree. I applied for many positions and even worked as a substitute teacher. I endured state and national testing. I was finger printed and background checked.
I trained before, during, and after my training/ education. I continue to train because I am a lifelong learner. Since full time employment, I have sacrificed time, sleep, and Family. I have sacrificed my own money year after year to provide for my students.

I am a teacher.

I have learned, lasted, endured change, endured further change, and endured orders to embrace the change.
While you were sleeping, I have corrected papers and tests, researched and created, and endured harassing phone calls and emails with grace and professionalism. I teach the kids who live on your streets. I teach the kids that have been bailed out of jail. I teach the kids who have been kicked out of psychiatric centers because they were beyond help. I teach the kids whose home situations you could never imagine even in your worst nightmares. I teach ALL students no matter their socio-economic status, race, ethnicity, medical/ psychiatric condition, good or poor attitude, religion, family circumstances. When accused by the federal and state government for being part of a failing system, I endure name calling, shame, and criticism simply because I am a teacher. I am professionally evaluated on two days worth of test scores and not the amount of time and effort I put into my teaching.

And despite it all,
I AM a teacher and devoted to this noble calling

By: Ann MacAbee