Friday, January 10, 2014

#edcampfirstgrade Follow Up

Have you ever wanted to have a day which you would like
to freeze because it was absolutely perfect?

Today was that day for me. 

It was a great day for learning in the First Grade and the sound of learning taking place was a beautiful. 

What does learning sound like?
  • It sounds like questioning.
  • It sounds like laughter.
  • It sounds like discussing. 
  • It sounds like noise.
  • It sounds like quiet. 
What does learning look like?
  • It looks messy.
  • It looks busy.
  • It looks engaging.
  • It looks like coaching.
  • It looks like collaboration.
  • It looks like struggling.
  • It looks like imagining.
  • It looks like choices.
  • It looks like dreaming.
  • It looks like playing.
  • It looks like curiosity.
  • It looks like excitement. 
The only way to teach critical thinking is to have students think critically about something. 
They don't need a book. They don't need a worksheet. They don't need teachers
telling them exactly what to do. 

To do this, step back. Oh, just step back and enjoy the view because it is truly glorious.
This is where learning takes place. In these moments of stepping away from any agenda and letting the 
students own their own learning journey. 

I want to say thank you to the support staff and to the parents who came in to help out today. I also want to thank our district technology leaders who came in to talk to the parents about digital safety and citizenship. 
Above that, to my partner in crime, my "Ethel", my co-teacher in the first grade who never gets mad at me when I come to her with all my crazy ideas. She makes me laugh and teaching everyday with her in the First Grade is a blessing. She is my "Ethel". I am her "Lucy" and we teach First Grade.