Monday, August 11, 2014

What Kills Culture At School? What Brings It To Life?

From Trace Pickering

Dr. Mollie Marti

Culture is killed by the following:

Silence: Not speaking up about what you need and dislike in a respectful way.

Boredom: Meaning is not connected. The students need to be engaged, challenged and enriched.

Few or No Degrees of Freedom to Choose: Age appropriate choice and degrees of freedom to choose the way they want to learn, content areas, and even the teacher that best fits them.

No Freedom To take Risks : This stifles the creativity in the classroom. Students are afraid to do anything at all. They are afraid to fail forward, to risk, take a chance.

Holding A Deficit View of People: We don't need to fix people! When we are focused on weakness, we don't see what their passions are and fueling them. We need to stop seeing people as needy and start seeing them as needed!

Culture Springs to Life when You have these foundations to education in place:

Open Communication

Engaged and Challenge Students

Personal Choice

Allow For Risk Taking

Focus on Strengths

A thriving school is:

Community Facing

Competency Based

Project Driven

Passion Focused