Sunday, December 7, 2014

Books About Mattering For Parents and For Teachers

It is all about mattering isn't it. 

It is our heart's cry from the moment we take our first breath until the last of our days.
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Mattering. It sounds simple, but it is not. Mattering takes on different forms for each student and for each child we come in contact with because they are uniquely designed to be a one-of-a-kind, original creation!

Mattering has to start first in our family and as a parent, I am always reaching for resources for my family first that can help my own children know that they matter. Then mattering carries over to my group of learners that I am given care over for nine months in my room.

There are many books helping children not just know that they matter, but to have it deeply resonate like a continuous warm wave on their hearts. One such book is a faith-based book called The Love Dare For Parents helping children find their way back to a place called love, where they can accept love, feel loved and know that they are loved. I just heard about this book today and went and picked it up at the book store. Personally, I need this book...professionally, I need this book. Maybe you do too! 

Maybe this book is just the thing that your family needs. Maybe you see no value in purchasing a faith-based book for you in regards to your profession in schools. I dare you to do something different, to to purchase this book because I believe that this book can make a difference in the lives of the students in our classrooms who come with hard hearts and just want to know do you love me? Am I lovable? Do I matter to you at all? Do you see me, do you really, really see me? I can't wait to explore this book! Join me in reading it.  Perhaps it is just the resource that a family in your school needs. 
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The other excellent book is called the Five Love Languages For Children.  We are all designed to speak the language of love, but differently. The trick to any relationship including parenting is learning to speak the love language that your child speaks. It offers practical advice on how a child in your classroom or a child in your family gives, receives and interprets love. We all need all five, but we have stronger pulls toward one than the others. I came across a mommy blog Busy Kids, Happy Mom that was really great at explaining more and you can find it here

The Five Love Languages are:
  • Physical Touch
  • Words of Affirmation
  • Quality Time
  • Gifts 
  • Acts of Service

Sometimes it may feel frustrating in parenting or even in teaching when you can't reach a child's heart. Excellent educators know that when you touch the heart, you touch the mind and that also applies at home. When you feel frustrated, read these books and talk to others. It takes a bit of humility to admit that not all things are awesome and that we do have struggles as a parent or as a teacher with a child in our family or in our class, but amazing things happen to you and will radically change your classroom and your family when you do reach out.

In the end of it all, it comes down to one thing mattering. Love is mattering.

PS: As a mom of a child who is struggling with life and with the growing pains that come with it, I want to thank my family for loving us through. I also want to thank those in my PLN who I reached out to and who met me in my point of need. I love you more than words will ever be able to tell you. Thanks for your encouragement and your prayers and your laughter.