Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Using Toontastic

Image result for toontastic appI am a big fan of finding apps or using websites that amplify student voice. This week I downloaded Toontastic for the students to use to help tell their story. The storyboard when you open helps students create a story by using what I have called all my life, story mountain. It makes it simple for the students to think a story plot out.

Using animation skills, students can create a story by selecting or drawing a scene, drawing characters or selecting characters, picking theme music and by doing voice-overs. It is a handy little app.  You can pick up the app at the app store by clicking here.

We used Toontastic to tell the story of an animal (real or created) and cleverly explain the adaptations that they had to go through and why. Here are four of our stories within two videos. This was easy to do by downloading the video to the iPad, then I signed into my You Tube channel on each iPad and uploaded it. From that upload, I put it into TouchCast and then I uploaded the TouchCast video to the You Tube.

We hope you enjoy our videos and stay tuned. We still have four more coming (2 TouchCast Videos).