Wednesday, April 1, 2015

What Is School and This Is Genius

For a long time, I have wrestled with what school is all about. What is it about school that makes parents wake up their kids at the crack of dawn and send them to a building with walls?

What if school wasn't about walls? 

What if school was about helping students cultivate their genius?

What if that is the magic answer to helping students achieve?

In my heart, in my soul and with all my life, I know that it is. 

You don't have to send a child to school to learn. In fact, I beg you to consider that the best learning takes place outside of school. It takes place in 4H, or babysitting for the family down the street, on the football field or at baseball. It takes place serving at Feed My Starving Children or at the nursing home. It takes place in the kitchen at home or in the shop. The best learning can happen when something is broke and you have to fix it, because that is all there is. 

School is just a place to go that generally can facilitate learning, but you can also show up every single day and not have learned a single thing. You can get great grades, but not have learned. You can get a meager grade, but you HAVE learned.

Why? Schools focus mostly on one way to learn. However, we know that there are 8 Intelligences. 

I wrote about this here, here and here. It is my passion. It is my desire to look for who the student is in the most holistic way and look for the gift to the world that they are, and encourage them in their genius to push hard with grit and determination. 

School. What is school? Where do you go to get schooled? 

School is a place. 
Learning, or getting schooled is what you do for yourself. I can't do it for you.

I teach because I love learning. 
I teach because I love your children that come across my path. 
I teach because I learn from my students, from their families and that is what helps me grow. 

I don't teach because I know everything. I am afraid to say this, but I don't know anything. It is the collective knowledge and genius of the classroom, the gifts each student and family brings to the room, the experiences that allow for me to facilitate a place where learning has a place to grow. 

My room, #LS222 is just a garden. A garden for seed of learning to sprout, grow and be nurtured. 

The video below is powerful. Take the time to see it, play it again until it seeps into your blood. Until it is the air you breathe. Until you know that beyond a shadow of a doubt, that passion based learning, genius based learning is where the magic happens.

It matters and so do you.

I promise.

Photo Credit: These are photos I have used before in my writing, and credit was previously given and many of the photos have the author on them.