Friday, September 4, 2015

I can't wait for the TED Talks Again!

"Also, some ambitious teachers encourage their students to present their own TED-style talks - and perhaps their very own actual TED Talks." From Liberating Genius Angela Maiers​ 

I can't tell you HOW this process changed me last year. Watching the genius of students come alive during their TED Talks and spending three days crying with pride and joy over them was magnificent. Their theme was: You can see photos of their Ted Talks here in my Instagram account (Scan down and look for students standing on or by a red circle). I was too busy listening and taking one photo and could not make a video. I would have cried too much and the whole video would have been shaky!

How To Be AWESOME When things are not awesome. 

This year's theme is:

The Change Begins With ME In Grade Three! 

Stay tuned for the TED Talks again in May before Labor Day! I can't wait to see how the students will talk about their passions and how they will be the change!

In between September 8-June 3 is the opportunity for me to partner with their families and their community to speak life! What a gift! These are people's babies..their heart and soul and I MUST not ever forget that.