Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Filled Up & Ready to Pour
It is easy to be a teacher on the go even throughout the summer. However, we spend nine months pouring ourselves out for the students and their families until there is nothing left of us. Oh sure, we get the little breaks here and there for a sanity boost so that we don't totally fall apart, but that is not enough. It is certainly not enough for me. My favorite part of the summer was shutting down, turning off and tuning in to nature, my family and the world I am part of that has nothing to do with teaching for the month of July. I took all of July off with the exception of #edcampSurfIA hosted by my friend Steve Kwikkel, which ended up to be a road trip with my besties and my daughter.
In the end, it doesn't matter what you do to relax, to debrief, to unplug, to undo. It matters that you do just that because if you do not, you won't have enough in you to pour out on your new students and families when the year starts!

Wishing you all a fantastic school year! Be the change!