Wednesday, November 9, 2016

On the Day After, Be Nice

I don't know how you started off your classroom or your day, or what you did to set up the class for a successful day of learning today, the day after, but when I woke up I was thinking about you with grace and love to get through the day.

Maybe you are like me. I can't explain to my students what this election meant to me, my tongue is raw from biting it.  With the election finally over and knowing what we know and moving forward, it was vital today for myself and educators like me to let healing begin in the classroom as well, without talking about the results as much and wrestling with that thought is how went to bed. I tried to figure out how to make what would be the day after, be a day that is great for all, including myself. This is where mattering comes in to play.

Mattering matters in moments like these, in moments of perplexity, in moments when events leave us startled and in moments when we try to rise up and meet the new sun with vigor. Mattering matters because it pulls us together, it shifts focus off of ourselves and puts it on others.

Mattering matters because it gives us hope and it gives us perspective and it is the reason we are here. There are many reasons why I crossed paths with  Angela Maiers  and today is a good reason why.

I decided today would be National Be Nice Day.  I wrote it on the board in big letters and had the students do a Recap about it which I wish I could post, but I cannot because of facial recognition. They talked about ways that today they would go out of their way to be kind and try to do three random acts of kindness for others.

The world needs us to have these characteristics: compassion, respect, honesty, responsibility and self discipline, and for the nice and to teach these things in school because they matter more to than a grade on a report card. I was overjoyed to see the doodles of two girls as we talked a bit this morning and about mattering, as we listened to Tim McGraw sing Humble and Kind and as we watched the Recaps of our classmates.

I know that I had to start this way, today...the day after. This is our future. I am with them, the future of the world,  everyday as I have been since 1994 and I need them to be nice, stay humble and be kind.