Wednesday, December 28, 2016

One Word 2017: Resounding Joy

It is always good to make time to press pause and to think back over the course of my social media adventure, specifically on Twitter and this can be done when by thinking about my #oneword. Have you made a #oneword before?

It is always good to reflect on those from the past.
#BeBrave 2014
#NorthStar 2015
#WhyYES 2016

Designing a New Year's resolution is really hard and sticking to it is even harder, but thinking about the one word that you will use to guide you through the next year might be easier. At least you are able to visualize it and reflect on it better throughout the year.

Welcoming 2017 means a new word and my word is #resoundingjoy.
I have for the past four years taken two words, added a hashtag and made them one. Why stop now?

I selected #resoundingjoy because I want to make sure that joy is on my repeat button, that it is my default attitude. I wanted to make sure that joy was my strong word because it is so different than being happy which is fickle and based on emotions. Joy is not. Happiness wavers but joy does not. Joy is a Fruit of the Spirit. Happiness is not.

I can still #bebrave
seek my #northstar
continue with saying #whyyes
and do so by pressing repeat with #resoundingjoy.

Here is to whatever brings you joy! May it resound in your 2017 as well.

(Google Definitions)

(Google Definitions)

Discover joy in your EVERYDAY, in your simple things and share it as you go!