Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Be A Maestro

We are just the temporary maestros (teachers) of the orchestra we call a classroom and help the students learn to play their unique genius notes all year long.

The whole song or the score is not a testing result of a child it is simply one note that is in the score and every so often it is played. 

Yes, testing is tormenting, especially with the way it is STILL getting done even though so many know that it is not the best way for it to be done, but we can be the change together even though it is not ideal because it is what we will do with the data that matters. Will it help the students learn to play their own notes better as they play the notes to their musical score in life? Will I as an educator take the time to teach to the child's own tempo with the data? 

If you look at testing as one note every so often that comes up on the musical score of a child's life song, you look to see if that note fits, and makes sense. That is what looking at data is about. Spring brings a lot of data notes to a child's life musical score. I am called as the temporary maestros to see & use those notes wisely. 

I liked this video I saw a long time ago of birds on the wires, and though the birds all look alike they don't make the same notes. Neither will our students. Maybe some won't pass the testing cut off, maybe some will however their musical score to their own life matters more and we need to see the crescendos, and decrescendos, the fortes and the mezzo-fortes measure for measure in each student's own tempo through out the year, not just from testing.

I can't stop the testing madness, but I can use data wisely and that is what being a maestro is all about. 

Angela Maiers