Tuesday, April 19, 2016

12 Principles of Collaboration

One of the most important elements of any 21st Century learner including teachers and those in almost any job is this: Collaboration! I like this graphic. It shows the 12 principles, foundations or pillars of great collaboration. It seems easy to do. It truthfully is not. 

One of the big things that gets in the way of collaboration other than the TIME factor, is that of EGO. A long time ago I learned from Joyce Meyer that EGO stood for Easing God Out. It is true, when our egos get in front of us, we have pushed out God, but I would also like to suggest the same is true for the work place. 

When our egos get in front of us here, we push away co workers. That is not how it is supposed to be. It is not best practices for a work place an in the teaching field, it is not best practices when keeping in mind that my decision making must be kept in the light of what is best for the students. As opposed of course, to the opposite, what is best for me.   

Collaboration is not about me. Collaboration is others centered, others focused. I don't celebrate what I did, I celebrate what we did. It is ever evolving, continuously fluid and profoundly life changing. It makes the world a better place to be. So, support one another in their God given gifts and talents and collaborate!

Monday, April 18, 2016

#LS125 Geniushour Ted Talks

We started off the year with Liberating Genius the first week of school, we even made heart maps. We continued to work with Geniushour all year long in many wonderful ways. 

To prepare for this, we designed our heart maps again, from that wrote a list of topics we could talk about that fuse our passion with our compassion. 

We wrote on note cards, then from our note cards, wrote in our Geniushour notebook and then typed it out. The next step is to share it with the world. 

This is my favorite part of the year. Last year I was completely a mess over the students in my room who were brave and shared with us so many great life lessons from fifth grade theme in my classroom: How To Be Awesome (When Everything Is Not). This years theme from the beginning of the year was: The Change Begins With Me In Grade Three and all that we did centered around that theme. 

We will use the PVLEGS method to practice our Ted Talk. It really helped out with our second trimester Geniushour presentation on innovation! It is a great guide!

The students won't remember the tests they took or the spelling words that they studied and the ins and outs of school, but they I hope will leave third grade with an emotional attachment to their learning journey and feeling closer to the world and ready to give back, even in their youth.