Tuesday, February 14, 2017

For The Love of TLAP #LoveTeaching

Several years ago (I thought it was 4, but it was 5!) I came across the book Teach Like A Pirate  the world of Dave Burgess, then #TLAP & it saved me. #TLAP was new and fresh as a chat and the book was taking up the education world like a storm.

I was perishing in a silo and unconnected. Not that I was a wreck, not exactly. I was feeling like I was trying out new ideas but in that, I was alone. Sometimes, when you are alone it makes you feel like what you are doing and your innovation does not matter. 

I had a boss who gave us an iPad. It was new to us. I really didn't know what to do with it and I had heard of Twitter, but not Twitter for educational use and I had no idea that there was a whole tribe of people just like me waiting for me on the other side. I joined Twitter. That was all it took.

It was much like that scene in Schindler's List with all the people coming over the hill of people that he had rescued and saved. I was saved. Do you remember it? The whole movie had been filmed in black and white until the hill scene with all these people, everyone touched because of Oskar Schindler and the movie broke out in color.

I came across a tribe of people. That tribe of people were reading this new up and coming book called Teach Like A Pirate and it was as if we were drinking water for our parched throats with words and ideas that filled a page, with words that lifted weighted hearts like mine that were born to fly. Just around the same time, #TLAP started. We were world changers, education hackers & dreamers and lovers of learning. We were passionate about students, the art and science of education. We were coming alive in a safe space.
Casting Crowns: Thrive

Everything can change when you open a new book, and the words pour into you. This is a great week to celebrate the teachers in your children's lives. It is #LoveTeaching week. If you are drowning in status quo or feel like you are stuck in a rut or a silo, that is not a space designed for you. We have a noble profession. You were born to thrive, not survive. So,
pick up the book here! 

If you love a a teacher, the classroom, the administration at your children's schools or at your own where you work , then buy them the book. If you think that there could be growth in those spaces of learning, then buy them the book.

In this life, we need to look for the gateways that open up hope and Teach Like A Pirate is a great way to start. It will lead you to all the books that Dave and Shelley Burgess have birthed so that we might as educators be able to speak life back into our classrooms. Tell them I sent you over and tell them Dave did too.

So why do I #LoveTeaching? Well, because of all of this! All this and one GREAT book!

 Great collaboration & PLN including our Minnesota #mnlead

 Laughing at the everyday joys

 Touching hearts/reaching minds

 Food in lounge

Ever so thankful to you Dave. 
Ever so thankful.